What is "Pralique"?

"Pralique" is an experience.

  We have made the choice to specialize within the wedding industry by offering only experiences of style and individuality.
Our objective is to be recognized as the brand that produces the chicest wedding experiences that go far beyond the expectations of our clients wherever we are summoned to go.
     We aspire to create weddings of enduring memories using 24/7 attentive service, creative input, unique stylish designs, finishes, floral elements and support this with a deeply instilled ethic of anticipatory client service.
Doing so allows our company to satisfy the desires and tastes of our discriminating clients, and to establish and maintain a position as an exclusive global stylish wedding service through the Pralique Brand Experience.
     Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is the unique combination of our team, talented wedding professionals and vendor partnerships. We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride, passion, genuine affection and satisfaction in what we do. Because satisfying our clients depends on the united efforts of many.
We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding of our clients and belief in what we do.
    We demonstrate our beliefs most meaningfully in all our interactions with our clients, venues, business associates, vendors and colleagues, we strive to always go a mark above what is expected of us, always.

What does a"Pralique” Wedding look like?

Our aesthetic is clean, stylish and comfortable with a point of view that is luxurious but always eased.
Think of the individual who shows up to the boardroom in a Celine T-shirt, Balmain Jeans and a hoodie from urban outfitters. That’s our brand of luxury; chic, stylish, well thought out, intentional, high-end, yet effortless.
As designers we create atmospheres that serve as the backdrop to facilitate the moments, experiences and actions that become a client's lasting memories.
Our clients are usually creatives in their daily lives and come to us very discerning, savvy and well researched. We co-create their wedding with them, if that is their choice. Always in every interaction we aspire to exceed our client’s expectations with thoughtful gestures and acts of anticipated consideration.

Who we are.

The words and phrases that define us.

  • We are a caring, creative, knowledgeable, savvy, stylish, innovative, international wedding design, management & event production service.
  •     We love a great party (and great shoes).
  •     We adore our couples.
  •     We co-create with our client's to make their wedding, theirs.
  •     We understand & listen.
  •     We travel like it’s an art.
  •     We appeal to clients who are stylishly bitten by love, fashion editors, bloggers, beauty mavens, artists, musicians, dancers, actors, models, stylists, designers, tastemakers, trendsetters, style-trepenuers, influencers, creatives, socialites, heirs, curators of beauty, self-proclaimed masters of the universe and all individuals with style !
  •     Our couples have hearts of gold and for that we created a service to envelope them in that love, on their terms.
  •     Pralique embodies style.
  •     Pralique prides itself on discretion:
  •     Clients will not see their photos on our website, unless they published their wedding in a major publication.
  •     We will not leak news of their impending wedding or details.
  •     We do not advertise.
  •     We are invisible.
  •     Our philosophy is simple; exceed our client’s expectations, and word will get around.
  •     We arrange for bridal stylists, personal wedding assistants, personal shoppers, security, and private jets for their guests, luxury cars, luxury bikes, whatever the client fancies will make them the best host ever.
  •     We do all this with love and appreciation for each and every client, each and every event, and each and every time.

Contact Us

Site Administrators Email: admin@pralique.com
Jewel Georgieff Email: info@jewelgeorgieff.com
Welcome to our little space on the world wide web. Our clients are all about unique and stylish weddings and creating that wedding magic in their favorite venues, spaces and estates no matter how unconventional .
We are really just an email, text, whatsapp, skype or phone call away to serve you.
New York: +1.646.543.5609 Call & Text
New Jersey: +1.201.577.1750 (on whatsapp & on viber) Call& Text
Miami: +1.305.780.5146 Call & Text
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