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Are you ready for a wedding designed just for you?
Instead of the expected wedding design gallery, because let’s face it you can stare at pretty flowers created by great designers all day long , there are many to choose from, what we create is different, it's unique and goes far beyond "the pretty"...we use all the elements of design, your venue, your fashion, your style, your heart, lighting, furnishings, thoughtfilled details, curated experiences and yes florals and greenery to pull together an atmosphere that will serve as the backdrop to facilitate the moments, experiences and actions that become your lasting memories.
So we have decided to show you what we're really about, we are about the experience...

The Experience

Imagine it's your wedding day.
You are getting ready surrounded by all the people you love, your mom, bubbe, aunts, sisters, cousins, your bff, all the people who mean the most to you fussing about how beautiful you are ​...sharing stories you've heard a thousand times but today it's different, its precious, it’s a joy. 
Those you love are with you creating memories that will carry you through your new life. Today you will create memories that will make you smile when the toothpaste cover is again missing mysteriously! Today mom will finally admit you were right, for once, not to steal these precious moments from her by allowing her to be your wedding designer, she is not running around, she is not worried, she doesn't have any stress and neither do you, because you choose the PRALIQUE experience.  Everyone that means the most to you are just where they should be, by your side, sharing these moments with you, not running around working for you.
Precious moments can be enjoyed, knowing the tables are set, the band is ready, the flowers have arrived, your driver is awaiting... all is prepared and those you love are by your side.
Your unique style & wedding details are designed from budget to venue , menu, entertainment, decor, cake design, invitations, graphic design, lighting, ceremony everything​. How? Using our connections to great wedding professionals, and event experts from around the globe, all working together in harmony...just for you my dear.
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