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Thanks for you reponses!  Here's what happens next...

  1.    If you have not already received a retainer request we will immediately send you a custom e-proposal /contract for our services with quotations  our retainer and fee schedule applicable to your particular event.  If travel is applicable, that will be addressed in the proposal as well. Note 'NO TWO EVENTS ARE THE SAME' therefore we do not have a price-list of fees as all fees are custom quoted.
  2.   You will be able to accept the proposal, pay the retainer or discuss the proposal easily using the electronic link.
  3. Once retained, we begin to work with you to develop your design and will acquire estimates based on the costs for all florals, linens, rentals and the like in total. We work in your best interests much like your general contractor, or your interior designer would. The ultimate cost of your design is up to your budget and your choices as we go along
( Please note, we are a custom wedding event design company.  While we can always give you an estimate, in regards to decor based on past events of ours as a compass, your wedding florals and event design budget is in your control at all times.)

Our Process


Begins with the initial phone call or email. We will gather a few details about you, your venue (if chosen), time of year the wedding will take place.

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