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What is a Wedding Designer?

By definition; an event designer is someone who will design and execute an overall look for an event.  A great designer is bringing new and innovative ideas to the table and not just harvesting décor from existing media sources.
As your wedding event designers, we will be the artist, idea-makers, and co-creators with you and together, aesthetic visionaries behind the wedding event.  We will work with you on everything from selecting a color palette to creating a floor plan, choosing linens, furniture and other rentals, imagining, creating and installing the floral designs and even developing branding and personalization for the wedding event.  As wedding event designers, we also offer production services – meaning the actual manpower that brings the designs to life such as building centerpieces or manufacturing backdrops. 
We will be the creative force with you, developing the concepts and ideas for your wedding that we will then produce*
*sources event leadership institute
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