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Hire a Best Friend with "wedding pro benefits"

Personal Bride Assistant Plans

While other brides in town will be running around, taking time off from work, family and will rely on your Personal Professional Bride Assistant! Can you imagine the reaction of friends and people you meet when you say " Oh, my assistant can take care of that"..wait...wha.??....HELLO YOU!!​
​Below are the descriptions of our Custom Assistant plans, these are all personal  services aimed at relieving your stress and concerns about all those little  annoying but necessary things that come up in wedding preparation that steal away your precious time.
​​Having a personal 'Professional Bride Assistant', to help with your wedding specific errands & to do lists will make you feel like a true celebrity bride!
*Our PBA's are trained and certified wedding professionals and stylists.  For your privicy all our assistants are coached on discretionary  practices, privacy, non disclosure, publicity and social media policies.

"The Declaro"

Full Service Bride Assistant &

Wedding Day Vendor Management

This Signature exclusive program is dedicated to a Savvy, Stylish and Confident young woman I know.
In a conversation, she said to me: "I'm` not having a wedding reception unless someone can do everything for me.  Get all my ideas and just run with it.   I don`t want to do a single thing...nothing, I don't want my mom doing anything I just want you to tell me what time I have to  be ready!"
This program is for the Savvy, Stylish and Confident Bride to be.....
Introducing the most inclusive, stylish custom wedding and lifestyle manager plan. 
A Special thank you to " Ms. Maribeth Declaro".
The Declaro is for anyone bringing us on at the early stages of planning.
You will not find a laundry list of to dos here, no bullet-point packages, no limitations on what or how we serve you in
"The Declaro" plan.​
Our 7 step guide is the only guide you need to understanding your plan once your enrolled. In keeping with our beauty & fashion theme we had some fun with our descriptions.​ {it's described as if it were a makeover!}
Step 1. Prep & Prime:
We sit down with the financiers of your wedding {be it you, your groom, parents etc.}  to establish the budget guidelines, whether its $20,000 or $20 million. It is important to set real guidelines at the earliest stage. We will assist with  putting together the right guest counts for your budget and layout expectations and desires . These elements are all key to creating a realistic stress-free wedding budget, we will create real ways to get the most out of your budget without sacrificing your dreams.
Step 2. Match Me:
This step is where we lay the foundation of your most special day. Together we,  along with you and any other key decision makers, discuss the setting for your wedding, be it tented, country club, hotel, unique venue, waterfront etc. The location of your wedding will set the tone for your overall style. We make this a fun experience you can enjoy. You benefit from our connections.
Step 3. Enhance:
Color, themes, fashion and style! This is were we work out color scheme, style and atmosphere for your wedding.  Tell us about what inspires you, we check out your Pinterest boards, listen to your concerns, needs and talk about what this means to you, your fiance` and your families. Chair covers, linens, invitations EVERYTHING is styled.
You are introduced to your fashion and personal beauty stylist.
We understand you want your wedding day to be uniquely you and create your custom designer inspiration board.
Step 4. Sculpt:
This step sculpts your dream team who will look at your inspiration board and create your dream theme! You don't have to stress about finding reputable, insured, professional vendors,who will understand your vision.
Our focus is on what's in your best interests and investment, we only pair you with vendors we know, trust and adore their results. We ensure they not only fit your budget but they must fit your unique tastes, personality and understand your style.
Step 5. Glamorize:
Guided by the overall style of your wedding, now its time to implement the fashions and event styling discussed in Step 3. Your personal shopper and beauty stylist will be the honest objective voice in the fitting room, prepare to look stunning! We also set your private custom session with a local Jewelry designer we absolutely love, to create custom pieces for you and your bridal party {if desired}.  We arrange your consultations for hair and make up.  You want to enjoy your engagement and be care free as we handle all the details.
Step 6: Stay 'n Play: 
  Stay n' play at our trial  "decor run through", get to see and sample your table set up, floral centerpiece, menu cards etc., sample the atmosphere we will create for your big day and have an opportunity to try out the vibe!
Step 7.  Set:
At this step we pull it all together as your wedding day approaches. We have contracted all your vendors and confirmed. All the details are taken care of and  all plans are in place and set. We have planned and designed your wedding . Your "hot sheet" is distributed {that's what we call all our checklists and wedding itinerary packets containing all the details your vendors and venue will need for a great wedding day}.  You and those you love don't have to stress over any details, we will be there onsite to handle anything that arises.
Your Personal "Professional Wedding Assistant" is briefed and prepared to never leave your side​...Now you are ready to enjoy your day your way.

NYC, NJ or Philadelphia $4850.0 (up to 1yr)

Outside of NYC, NJ or Philadelphia $6850.0 (up to 1yr)

Plus air

"The Sophia"
Wise, crunch time help,  NYC Tribeca style, edgy yet sophisticated.
Like "The Sophia", you embrace a fun, fast-paced lifestyle and that trendy Lower Manhattan NYC "TriBeca" Vibe.
TriBeca is home to many celebrities, and is a hotspot of fashionable trends!
You don't expect to be treated like a "Park Avenue Socialite"  but you know you deserve having help when you need it most. This program has smaller time frame to get things done, but the same great service for our "Trendy Chic"Ladies..
As a savvy "trendy Chic" Lady who has pretty much got all of your wedding preparations in place you can use this program during the final months before your wedding to finalize your wedding details and have that last minute getaway with your love instead! ​
Schedule a "get to know us call" for details on key  service inclusions and starting Investment. All plans are customized to your personal needs  and can be added to a Design  service

NYC, NJ or Philadelphia $3850.0 (up to 9 months)

Outside of NYC, NJ or Philadelphia $5850.0 (up to 9 months)

Plus air

"The Tallulah"
Wedding day Vendor & Production Manager
"Tallulah", the name means leaping waters, you got engaged and leaped into action. You just go with the flow an can't wait to celebrate at your wedding. You're no DIY bride, you  are a General who fearlessly lead a small army of bridesmaids and friends to pull off all your wedding plans​ to the very last detail and you should be proud of it! Now you and your friends deserve to enjoy the day you worked sooooo hard to pull together. "The Tallulah" program offers you that chance to enjoy your wedding day.
We offer this service  to our design clients as an add-on especially if they do not have a wedding planner.
This is for the bride who has got all the wedding preparations in place you can use this program to have that added support of a Personal Wedding Assistant during the final weeks of your wedding planning to help you orchestrate your wedding day event, last minute errands etc, from getting ready to your sparkler sendoff , so you and your BFF's can focus on partying!

NYC, NJ or Philadelphia $2850.0 (up to 3 months)

Outside of NYC, NJ or Philadelphia for design clients only as an add-on

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